Black Travel Journey Contributor Guidelines

What we look for:

Black Travel Journey is unapologetic in our mission to EDUCATE, INSPIRE and ENCOURAGE travelers of color to become global citizens. We look for content that will fulfill our mission in a unique perspective and tone. Generic topics and tips that can be found with a quick google search have no place on this site. We are looking for fresh perspectives on topics our readers can relate to as minority millennial travelers.

Please Note: Topics MUST be travel related


Distinct Message & Unique Perspectives:

To ensure you are offering an original idea:

  • Search the site and read our existing content. This will help you discover what our readers enjoy and that we already haven’t covered the same topic. Make sure the article you pitch offers something our readers and editors haven’t seen before.
  • Analyze your personal experiences. What do you wish you knew before you started traveling or your last trip? How do you combat discrimination while traveling? What problems did you have to overcome? What type of content do you wish you had as a black millennial traveler? Write that story.
  • Perspective matters. No two people see the same place the same way, so use that to your advantage.
  • Key Message & Takeaways- Originality is key! (There is absolutely nothing original about a uneventful lavish article pitch about a “Girls Trip to Miami”)


Guest Post Policies

Material must be new, no previously published content.

Submitted content cannot be used on your own website or any other website.

You are the copyright owner of the content, but give us publication rights

A minimum of 3 photos (at least 600px width not stretched) must be provided with the content for an article, but we prefer more. If the photos are low quality we will use other images.

You are responsible for the promotion of your content through Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc.

Provide your name as you would like it to appear in the post

Provide a small bio to be included at the bottom of the post

Write your best stuff, not the stuff you don’t want on your blog



Do I Get Credit?

Yes, you get credit for your work. I will include a snippet at the beginning of the article which will include a link to your website. Please do not provide any backlinks within the content of the article. We will include the link ourselves.

Changes to the Post

We do reserve the right to make editing changes to your post, however they will usually remain minor. These include changing the title of the post, moving pictures around, adding links, adding keywords and adding or moving headings. This is all intended to assist in the promotion of your post.

Submitting Guest Post

Send your best guest post ideas to and we will try to reply within a week. Note: We are also looking for regular contributors that can be subject matter experts. If you are interested please email the collaborations email address.



Not Much Of A Writer But Still Want To Promote Something?

There are a number of ways and formats available to advertise/promote on Black Travel Journey. If you are representing a brand please email about placing your ad or sponsored post on Black Travel Journey.