The Student Hotel Review

This post was submitted by Marty Lewis @Marty_Sandiego

For the creators, and innovators, the game changers and the free thinkers, whether you’re a current student or self-taught, teaching or learning, WELCOME HOME! But don’t get me wrong, if you’re a John Lennon enthusiast, a ping pong champion, or that athlete that likes to run, THE STUDENT HOTEL IS ALSO FOR YOU!

With 11 locations throughout Europe this inspiring and visually appealing accommodation will blow you away! Lively vibes from the courtyard to your bathroom, the lobby to the laundry area, it’s the quintessential dorm you always wanted to stay in. It’s that modern Hotel you see on social media, and that amazing interior creative haven you Pinned to your ‘’ places to stay on Pinterest.

I made the decision to Visit Amsterdam on a Friday and I was there the following Thursday. Unsure where to stay, my friend, Lene, creator of @takeflightexpat, recommended the Student Hotel. She stayed there when she first moved to Amsterdam from America. Unsure of what I was getting into I reached out to the Student Hotel and they welcomed me with open arms!

Literally steps away from the Jan van Galenstraat station, the Student Hotel Amsterdam- West made me feel like I was back at my University! I stepped into the courtyard and the electrifying yellow banners and signage made me feel excited to see what was on the other side of the doors. With huge luggage I was so happy to see the wheelchair accessible ramp. I smirked when I saw the basketball court to my left thinking to myself ‘’somebody gone get this work today’’. I continued to walk and noticed the apartment like buildings on both sides of me, I was so intrigued. I stepped into the lobby, where I looked like a kid in a candy store waiting to get my hands on everything. With an amazing interior I checked in and was so excited to just explore.

I was given a tour by Tessa Winter the Connector of both Amsterdam locations. And speaking with her made me want to visit every location! With so many inspiring aspects to keep the creative guest fueled I was so grateful to have the opportunity to steal some of her time. As a young professional herself, I could see why working with the company was indeed life changing.

The Rooms: I loved the rooms because they reminded me of my house. With inspirational and thought provoking messages everywhere, I felt like Mario getting a mushroom every time I read one! Think in Ink note pads, the tissue holder that read ‘’issues’’, the soap in the bathroom that read ‘’ Knowledge is Shower’’. What more could a creative ask for? Every single detail is thoughtfully calculated and strategically placed. I’m tall and a BIG bed is so important to me, I could lay in those beds all day. Did somebody say water pressure? Because it was amazing. I had a desk with a USB outlet and I was so grateful because I definitely brought the wrong international charger. Luckily it didn’t matter and they had vending machines where I could purchase one. I had a full hot plate, sink and refrigerator and I can assure you my dorm looked nothing like that in college!

The Lobby: There’s so much to love about the lobby! But let’s talk about the Bed! The Student Hotels were inspired by something called the Bed Talks. The idea came from Yoko Ono and John Lennon as all their creativity stemmed from their bed. It’s where they thought. It’s where they made a statement, THE CONCEPT IS GENIUS! So you have this huge bed in the lobby where you can just relax. At least 10 people can fit on it and if you want to indulge, there is a TV for your pleasure. In addition to the bed was a ping pong table, pool table, foosball table, comfortable work space and lounging stations. But my favorite thing about the lobby was the ‘’Everybody should like everybody’’ message printed everywhere!. As an American who has to live in a country where being different is now looked down upon THIS WAS SO IMPORTANT! And the stairs that read ‘’The only way is up’’!

The Commons: The restaurant also known as ‘’The Commons’’ is newly renovated and so cute! With a 50’s diner feel, the commons is called the commons so you can figure out what you have in common with other occupants! In a world where everyone is digital it encourages you to have a conversation! With a great menu I ate great and flavorful food from both locations.

TSH Collab: Both locations offer amazing spaces for entrepreneurs and small business owners! For a great price you can rent office spaces and rooms to get the bag! You also have access to a P.O.Box so that mail comes directly to you. Well lit, great temperature and even a cafe for your coffee needs I’ve never seen such an amazing co-working space.

The Library: Create, Meet, Study, Relax!!! A calming and relaxed atmosphere for students staying in both long term and short term housing to get their ish done! As a person who always has a million gadgets, I appreciated the light fixture outlets. Plug in and carry on! And let us not forget, the pillow setup that ensures your comfort. For group projects and presentations there are flat screen TV’s and a more traditional room next to it for more students to enjoy!

The Laundry Room: Who cares, Its just a Laundry room right? Wrong! As if Laundry was actually fun, after experiencing this laundry room you might actually think so. With a ping pong table in the center, they offer machines to clean your things, as well as irons that are available 24/7. For all those socks missing its pair, I guarantee you find them on their oh- so-thoughtful sock wall. And if you want to know what dope things are going on, just look on their community board. Who would’ve thought I’d actually like doing laundry.

The Elevators: I love messages! So the Elevators that read ‘’started from the bottom now we’re here’’ and ‘’Beam me up’’ tickled me because DETAILS MATTER.

The Gym: While on vacation keeping your workout routine isn’t easy, and after all you want to live your best life without worrying about that! But to those workout enthusiasts not only do they have gyms, but they provide you with running routes for your daily runs! And it only gets cooler than that!! Not only did they provide me with a route to run, but I also felt safe!!! Not a runner? No problem, Amsterdam is filled with bikers and both Amsterdam Student Hotel locations ensures you have access to them.

The staff: Every single staff member was nice. One morning while taking photographs I ran into the GM and he caught me off guard because he was so cool, and current! He welcomed me, allowed me to ask him questions and I remember being in total amazement after. I want to give a special shootout to everyone at both front desks as they were extremely helpful and kind. All the cooks, especially at the main location for taking the time out to talk and laugh with me. And one cleaning staff member in particular, who was the nicest person I met my entire stay in Amsterdam. I was a little early checking in, but he wanted to make sure my room was spotless. I ensured him everything was perfect but he insisted. While cleaning we talked and laughed and he told me all the places in the Netherlands I should go. I appreciated his spirit and vibes, so thank you!
At the end of my stay, I did not want to go. As a digital nomad feeling inspired everywhere I turned, and having a workspace that fosters my innovation is so important!  So to my creatives looking for a place to stay, welcome to Amsterdam’s most livable workspace! And may the student in you never die!

Martinique Lewis

Creative Visionary/Branding Expert