The Only Travel App Guide You’ll Ever Need

Technological advancement has made life safer for travelers of all ages who plan their own trips from start to finish. From taxi-booking apps to the ones that help you communicate in a foreign language to those that keep a track of your entire itinerary, there’s something for everyone. The following apps are recommended by some of our staff for your next trip:



This one is a smart app that is the perfect fit for the adventurer. It especially works if you want a getaway and don’t really know where to start. It does everything you’d expect it to – follow your budget, find you a place you should visit, a place to stay at and even things you should do on the trip – you’re looking at curated activities in more than 300 destinations. Cool, right?

iOS (Free),


Google Translate

This is ideal if you’re heading to a destination very different from your own and are worried about communication. The app has support for an astounding number of languages (100!)  and lets you check unknown words/phrases. It can even scan menus or signs by simply accessing your camera. It’s extremely useful for distressing times when you find yourself struggling and all you want to do is figure out where the nearest restroom is or how far the museum is.

iOS, Android (Free),



This app is very creative and the best way to get your hands on insider tips. It has recommendations from locals who know the destination inside out. Localeur is particularly good for zeroing down on crowd favorites and works for everything – from bars to coffee shops. You can even search for boutique hotels and follow recommended itineraries. It’s useful for places all over the world but has a solid following in America.

iOS, Android (Free),



Wherever you go, make sure you have support and a commuting plan. Uber is a safe bet at the moment as a ridesharing app that’s present in over 60 countries and a whopping number of cities (400) with no plans of slowing down. Booking a taxi is easy and the cashless payment option is the icing on the cake. You’re also likely to get great tips from savvy drivers who know local secrets and the best places to hang out at.

iOS, Android (Free),



An inspiring addition to your arsenal, the TimeOut app is a nifty tool for exploring dreamy travel destinations all across the world. It’s a respected brand that walks the talk. There’s absolutely everything you could need – restaurant guides, shopping tips, local events worth going for and more. Even if you haven’t booked a trip, you’ll be tempted to do that immediately after browsing through their endless options.

iOS, Android (Free),



This one has a strong presence and works in more than 350 locations worldwide. It’s a useful guide to the city and is reliable for choosing local experiences that stand out from the rest. Its ticketing process is especially helpful and user-friendly (available through Apple Pay). You won’t find yourself fretting over which activities to sign up for – the app does the job for you!

iOS, Android (Free),


Wander and Co

This is an app that’ll strike the right note with adventurous globetrotters. It has an extremely pretty design and a great vibe that’ll make you long for a trip. The photo journal app lets its users share their stories and makes it possible to keep a track of outdoor experiences with interesting add-ons such as GPS and a way to include stats like elevation and average pace. If you’re feeling particularly uninspired, you’re bound to something that works for you while browsing through this beautiful app.

iOS (Free),

This one is a helpful travel research app that was earlier called Gogobot. You can search for accommodation options and even find interesting events coupled with all the things you can do at your destination. It’s present in more than 60,000 places worldwide and includes plenty of reviews from travelers in order to be a more reliable guide. Users can even mention their own preferences and personality (foodie, for example) which helps everyone get a more personalized experience on the app as they choose something they relate to while looking at options. is a great resource o save time while doing your research and reading up on your destination. i

OS, Android(Free),


Sidney is the founder of Black Travel Journey and The Urban Millennial her mission is to make the face of travel more inclusive and diverse. Follow her on Instagram @siddskywalker